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March 7, 2013 | Travel Tips

Traveling while you’re young can teach you just as much, if not more, than sitting in a classroom. Studying abroad allows students to enrich their minds by exploring new lands, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Here at Webjet.com we understand the value of travelling but recognize that it can be difficult, and even nerve wrecking, to do so while in school. To help you learn more about student travel we decided to hold a Study Abroad Google+ Hangout that would cover different tips and topics to help you student abroad.

What the Webjet office view looked like during the Google Hangout.

What our office view looked like during the Hangout.

The Hangout That Almost Wasn’t

Our first Study Abroad Hangout was suppose to take place on on February 20th. We were all ready and excited to share top tips with everyone. Then about a half hour before the scheduled time we found out that YouTube was having a maintenance update and no Google+ Hangouts could broadcast live. We were crushed. In fact, you can see exactly what our office looked like on our #TravelProblem tumblr.


Postponed Hangout = More Time To Prepare Awesomeness

After we were crushed about the cancellation of our first hangout we decided that if we just pushed it back a week then we’d have more time to prepare. Since it was going to be our first hangout we wanted to generalize important tips about studying abroad but still make it awesome. When the following Wednesday came around we were more than ready to hangout with the students of the Internet world.


Hanging Out

For our first Study Abroad Hangout we had three Webjet.com employees broadcasting live. Brian was the friendly face that introduced the hangout, while Jenna, who studied in London, presented the slide show and Lee live tweeted updates and address viewers questions. In the 15 minutes we covered information to help student choose a program to study abroad with, payment options, phones abroad, visas and passports, insurance while abroad, what to pack, ways to save money abroad, how to travel abroad and more. We encouraged viewers to tweet questions using the hashing #Webjet. At the end of our hangout we addressed these questions with a Q&A and hoped our first hangout helped students interested in studying abroad. If you missed our hangout you can watch it on our YouTube page and go through the slides right here in our post.


The Future Of Our Hangouts

After our hangout we decided we wanted to do more and more to continue to help students who want to travel. While we liked our first one we decided in the future ones to be more conversational. Also, since we covered general information already our future hangouts will be specific and just one subject. This means our hangouts will be shorter too so that you can get the information you need quick. We are also excited for our guest participants in future hangouts! Different travel bloggers and experts will join us to give their advice on students traveling. Our next one will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 4pm EST. Join us as we talk about study abroad scholarships since we know traveling can be expensive.

What would you like to see us cover in a future Study Abroad Hangouts?

Study Abroad Hangout by Webjet from webjet

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