Top 5 Travel Problems with Solutions

March 4, 2013 | Travel Tips

Travel Problems

Sometimes when we are traveling things don’t go as smoothly as we hoped. In fact, sometimes it feels like the opposite of what we planned happens. Don’t let problems ruin your trip though! When bad things that we can’t control happen we try to laugh about it like we do in our #TravelProblems by Webjet tumblr. To help you avoid major problems here are top five solutions to major travel problems.

Lost Luggage

It’s a terrible feeling when you get to your destination and find out that your luggage never made it there with you. Losing your belongings can ruin your trip! There are a few ways to help if you’re put in this situation. First, always pack the most important items in your carry on. That way if your checked luggage gets lost at least you have what you need to survive. Also, make sure you have name tags on all your suitcases with your contact information so that if your lost luggage is found they will know who it belongs to. Lastly, if you are checking a bag that is extremely valuable than you might want to consider purchasing additional baggage insurance so that in the event of it getting lost at least your items are covered.

Delayed and Cancelled Flights

When it comes to flying we all love sticking to a tight schedule. Delayed flights that leave you stranded in the airport or cause you to miss a connection is annoying. Not to mention when those delayed flights turn into cancelled ones! Make sure you keep in contact the with the airline the day before and day of flying. Check the status on the flight online or through a mobile app so that you know right away if there are changes to your itinerary. You can often avoid delays in cancellations by being wise about what kind of ticket you book. Flights with earlier departures avoid the effect of other delayed flights. Also, by booking nonstop flights you have less of a chance of getting stuck in an airport.

Getting Sick on Your Trip

Getting sick is never fun and it’s even worse when it happens while traveling. All you want to do is curl up in your own bed and see your doctor but you can’t exactly do that if you’re traveling. Before going away make sure that you take precautions by building your immune system with extra vitamin C, washing your hands and avoiding germs. When packing make sure you have a small kit that includes basic medication for colds, pain relief, stomach, along with any prescription  ones you take. If you must seek medical attention while on your trip visit International Society of Travel Medicine’s website for a list of specialist in different countries and cities.


There is nothing you can do to control the weather on your trip. Bad weather isn’t ideal for traveling but you shouldn’t let it ruin your trip. Check the forecast before leaving so that you can pack accordingly. Try to also have back up activities in-mind in cause a change in weather restricts you from participating in your original plans.

Lost Passport or Wallet

The worst thing that could probably happen to you is losing your passport or wallet while traveling. The issue can leave you stranded in foreign countries with no identification or money. If you lose your passport back sure you contact the local embassy or consulate. It’s wise to always keep a photocopy of your passport and i.d. while traveling as a backup. Keep the photocopies separate from originals; use these instead of the real ones for when you’re out and about and need to show copies. That way you don’t risk having them fall out of your bag, get stolen, or misplace them! If it’s your wallet that goes missing then contact your bank to cancel credit or debit cards and to find out how to get cash if needed. Also, always keep a bit of money separate from your wallet as a back up.

Traveling is always an amazing experience so don’t allow problems and mishaps to ruin it for you. When things go wrong just take a deep breathe and remember that your worst day on vacation is better than your best day anywhere else!

How do you deal with your travel problems?


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