Where To Travel This Fall

October 29, 2013 | Travel Tips

With the seasons completely changing and temperatures continuing to cool down, fall is the perfect time to travel. Whether you are looking to enjoy the change of leaves and fall season or hold on to summer a bit longer, there are several destinations that are fall hot spots. Both domestic and international vacations offer locations for travelers to enjoy before winter comes. Here are top places to visit in the U.S. and world this fall for warm and seasonal vacations.

Domestic Fall Vacations

Holding On To Summer

If you’re looking to enjoy warmer temperatures for just a bit longer than the perfect domestic fall location for you is down south. The sunshine state still boasts 70 and mid-80 degree temperatures making it great for soaking up the sun one last time before winter hits. Both coasts of Florida have locations and beaches that are perfect for fall. Whether you’re looking for something more exciting in Miami and West Palm or more relaxed atmosphere on the west coast in places like St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Naples there is plenty of summer weather still available. With the hurricane season ending too the waters are perfect for beach-goers. If you aren’t look for a beach scene this fall but still want the weather than in-land Orlando is always perfect for a Florida vacation. With plenty activities and parks to visit you can enjoy time outside without dying from summer heat.

Fall Weather Getaways

Looking for more of a fall weather vacation? No problem, there are plenty of northern hot spots to travel to. With cooler weather and a change in leaves the New England area is a perfect destination for travels. Landscapes that look like paintings of vibrant orange, reds and yellows. With populated locations like Boston there can be plenty to do for travelers. However, if you’re looking for something more low key and close to the water then places like Cape Cod, Massachusetts or Portland, Maine can give you just that. With the cooler weather you can bundle up and head to the beach with a blanket, good book and hot apple cider for a little rest and relaxation. The northeast also has so much history with great fall festivals going on there is plenty of activities to do as well.

International Fall Vacation

Summer Safari

South of the equator is currently having their summer season with warm weather making it a top destination for fall. Experience Africa with a safari vacation in the African desert. With amazing lodges you’ll still be able to have a luxury vacation in the heat. With so many choices for safari tours you can get see an assortment of beautiful and massive animals including lions, zebras and giraffes. If you’re looking to go experience the coastal areas then South Africa has many towns and cities that are perfect for your fall vacation. Enjoy their beautiful beaches, shopping and more. For great deals to Africa this fall be sure to check with South African Airways.

French Fall Vacation

A popular vacation spot this fall in Europe in France. The Mediterranean city of Marseilles is beautiful this time of year. Rich in culture and close to the sea it is a gorgeous location that everyone should experience. Those travelers looking for the classic France trip then Paris is always a great travel choice no water what time of year it is. With the colder fall weather you can bundle up and keep warm in the Eiffel Tower. With late fall being the off-season travel to Europe you can enjoy quieter museums with less tourists.

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