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Cheap flights to Australia


You've probably noticed that everyone who has ever visited Australia comes home raving about the place, so if you haven't yet been it's time to see what the fuss is about. Although it's a huge country, only a few cities get most of the incoming flights, and that helps make finding cheap airfare to Australia simple. Using Webjet you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest flights on any airline as well as the best days to fly for the absolute lowest price airfare possible. Sydney and Melbourne are famously the two largest cities in Australia, and each is quite different from the other so it's best to plan to visit both. If you are the adventurous type you might consider visiting the notorious and beautiful outback region in the center of the country, or the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns in the northeast.


Airfare to Australia

Those starting in North America, or even in Europe are likely to find Sydney the best first place to land in Australia. It's easiest to find cheap flights to Australia by flying into its largest city and then moving around to other destinations on cheap domestic flights or even by train. If you are mainly interested in the Great Barrier Reef or just a sunny resort-style vacation then you can get great deals directly into Brisbane from many destinations internationally.


Airports In Australia

Sydney Airport (SYD)


Located just a bit south of the city center, Sydney Airport is by far the busiest international airport in Australia, so you'll find most of the world's largest airlines operating here. It's a modern facility with good public transportation connections, so most visitors will find the helpful Airport Link rail line that connects to the several major hubs a great way to get into town.


Airlines that fly into Sydney Airport

Qantas Airlines is the national carrier of Australia and the most active player at Sydney Airport. If you are crossing the Pacific then you can also try Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, or V Australia. Coming from Europe your best bets are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Melbourne Airport (MEL)

Melbourne Airport is the second busiest in Australia and also a popular destination for international flights. The airport is north of the Central Business District, and though it's not on the rail line, it is served by the efficient Skybus Super Shuttle system which can get passengers into town in only about twenty minutes.

Airlines that fly into Melbourne Airport

Once again Qantas Airlines is the biggest for international flights, joined by V Australia Airlines to some new destinations. Coming across the Pacific you can also choose from Air New Zealand and United Airlines. For cheap domestic flights once in Australia you can fly on Jetstar Airlines, Tiger Airways Australia, or Virgin Blue.

Brisbane Airport (BNE)

If you are looking for a beach resort or the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef then you'll want to fly directly into Brisbane Airport. Excellent beaches and recreation are close by, and you can take a short flight to Cairns from here if you want to go directly to the reef.

Airlines that fly into Brisbane Airport

From North America you can fly directly to Brisbane on Qantas Airlines or V Australia, or connect on Air New Zealand. From Asia you can arrive on Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines, or Thai Airways International. From elsewhere in Australia you can also fly in on Jetstar Airlines or Virgin Blue Airlines.

Cheap Flights to Australia

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