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Cheap flights to Brazil

Brazil is one of those countries that nearly every visitor falls in love with on their first visit. The weather is mostly warm, the scenery is varied and unspoiled, and the people are beautiful and friendly. The world famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a common excuse to visit, but there's an endless list of other reasons to go so cheap flights to Brazil are always in season. Using Webjet you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest flights on any airline as well as the best days to fly for the absolute lowest price airfare possible. Even though Brazil takes up half of South America's land space and has half its population, most international visitors concentrate on a small area in the country. If you are going to Rio de Janeiro then you can fly in nonstop from many cities, though often you'll be changing planes in Sao Paulo, which is nearby and has a much larger and busier international airport.

Airfare to Brazil

If you are flying into Brazil specifically for the Carnival in Rio then you should book your tickets as early as possible. Flights to Brazil are usually surprisingly cheap considering the distance, but for the period surrounding the big event the fares can skyrocket if you don't book early. If you are going only to Rio de Janeiro then you can usually get cheap tickets all the way into its large airport. If you are heading anywhere else in the country you will likely be landing first in Sao Paolo. There are plenty of cheap flights on local carriers to take you to your final destinaton from there.

Airports In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport (GIG)

Since Rio de Janeiro is easily the best known destination for international travelers it's no surprise that you can fly directly into Rio de Janeiro Airport from major hubs in North America and Europe. But in spite of this, the busiest airport in the country by far is in Sao Paulo. If your final destination is Rio you'll often have to switch planes in the enormous city only one hour away by air, but fortunately the prices into both cities are usually about the same. The Rio airport is located quite a ways away from the famous beach areas, but fixed-price taxis and an airport shuttle can get you there at a reasonable fare.

Airlines that fly into Rio de Janeiro Airport

TAM Airlines is the national carrier and it has many daily international flights from far off destinations. Depending on where you are starting from you'll have many other options. From North America you can fly in nonstop on Amerian Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, or US Airways. From Europe you can make it on Air France, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, or TAP Portugal Airlines.

São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU)

While Rio de Janeiro gets most of the headlines, the coastal city of Sao Paulo is larger, wealthier, and has a much busier airport. If you are going to be touring around Brazil then checking for flights into Sao Paulo Airport is a good bet. You can get cheap flights from here to nearly anywhere in South America and the city itself is fascinating, if crowded. The airport is about 25 km from the city center, and fixed-fare taxis are the best option for most after a long flight, but cheaper buses are also available.

Airlines that fly into Sao Paulo Airport

TAM Airlines is the largest Brazilian airline and its based in Sao Paulo so you can reach the city from many international cities in North America and Europe. Most major global carriers also fly in daily so you'll be able to reach the city from North America on Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, or United Airlines. From Europe you can fly in directly on Air France, Alitalia Airlines, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, KLM Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, and Turkish Airlines. From Asia you can choose from Air China, Japan Airlines, and Korean Air.

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