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 International Destinations

Looking for cheap international flights has been getting easier every year. These days virtually all airlines publish their fares so the public can sort through them to find which carrier has the best deals at the best times. Using Webjet you can quickly find the cheapest airfares on any airline, and also instantly find the best days to travel to save even more money on your journey.

Finding cheap international flights online

Webjet is the best place to find the cheapest tickets for flights anywhere in the world. Once you enter your destination and your preferred dates you'll get a list of airlines and the available times for the dates you have chosen. In many cases you can mix and match one-way flights to create the exact trip that suits you best, for the lowest airfare possible. Webjet also shows you the complete duration of the journey so if a layover is involved you can instantly find the complete trip that best fits your needs.

Tips for finding the cheapest international airfare

Booking the cheapest international flights possible used to take tremendous effort but today's modern tools make it easier than ever. If money is an issue then there are some simple strategies you should know about that might save you quite a bit of money.

Be flexible with your dates

Throughout the world the majority of the people wish to begin and end their international journeys on weekends. Webjet will show you alternative dates that have the lowest price flights to the destination you chose, but even if the cheapest dates won't work for you then you can usually save by flying midweek. In particular Wednesdays are typically the cheapest days for international flights, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually cheap as well.

Be flexible with your airports

Most of the largest and most popular cities around the world have more than one international airport, and many have international airports in communities nearby. It's often possible to connect through another airport and get a very cheap ticket into a smaller airport in your destination city. Be sure you are seeing all the possibilities if you aren't finding cheap airfare to your primary destination. Many of the new low-cost airlines fly into smaller airports on the fringes of cities in order to save even more money. Transportation into the city center is usually just a matter of hopping on an affordable shuttle bus that takes you to the hotel district.

Consider flying to major international hubs

If you are going to one specific destination then you might not be able to use this tip, but it's worth knowing about either way. In almost every case, the routes that have the greatest number of airlines flying between them have the cheapest airfares. If you'll be touring around a continent or region it makes the most sense to start in one of its major air traffic hubs. You can often get a ticket into a huge airport for as little as half the price as a ticket into a smaller city in the same region. If you are going to Europe then your best bets are London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan. In South America your cheapest international flights will usually be to Bogota, Lima, or Sao Paulo. For Asia you should consider flying into Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, or Beijing.

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