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Cheap flights to Philippines

The Philippines are becoming more popular among fans of Southeast Asia, and especially those who are looking for a relaxing beach vacation at a very reasonable cost. With English being widely spoken in most tourist areas, more people are attracted by the ease of visiting combined with the sunny weather. Finding cheap flights to the Philippines usually means getting a flight to Manila but more low-cost airlines are going directly to Cebu as well. Using Webjet you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest flights on any airline as well as the best days to fly for the absolute lowest price airfare possible. With over 7,000 islands and over 100 different airports it might seem confusing to plan a trip to this exotic country, but the primary destinations for incoming travelers are few, and most start off in Manila, whether they stay in the city or just change planes to one of the popular beach destinations elsewhere. Cebu is also a significant destination in itself, and a growing number of visitors are skipping Manila and flying directly to the historic city.

Airfare to Philippines

Unless you are already in Asia you'll be flying into Manila, as the capital receives all of the long-haul flights as well as a huge number of regional journeys. Most of the major international airlines fly into Manila directly so finding cheap flights to the Philippines is usually simple. You can often find cheap airfare on the larger Asian airlines, which only means changing planes in a nearby capital before landing in Manila.

Airlines that Fly to the Philippines

There are two airlines that fly direct from the U.S. to the Philippines and those include Philippine Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. There are many airlines that fly with one-stop; those airlines include Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Asiana Airlines, KLM, Air China, China Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qantas and many more.

Airports In Philippines

Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)

The metropolitan area of Manila is one of the largest in the world, and its one international airport handles the majority of overseas traffic into the country. The Manila Airport is only about 7 km south of the city and taxis are cheap although other forms of public transportation cost far less and still don't take much time to most destinations.

Airlines that fly into Manila Airport

Philippine Airlines is the national carrier and it serves several major cities around the world directly into Manila. Other Asian carriers that often have great fare deals into Manila include Cathay Pacific Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, and Singapore Airlines. From Europe you can fly to Manila on KLM Airlines, and from the United States you can choose from either Delta Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines.


Cebu, Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB)


The Cebu Airport does not have any long-haul flights from North America or Europe, but it's very popular from larger cities in Asia. This means you can often get cheap flights from North America or Europe with only one stop in a large Asian city on the way to Cebu itself. The airport is some distance from the city center, so most visitors get into town by taxi, although larger hotels often have their own shuttle services.

Airlines that fly into Cebu Airport

Philippine Airlines runs most of their traffic through Manila so you can transfer there or arrive on Cebu Pacific Airlines directly through other Asian capitals. Other airlines flying into Cebu are Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Destinations in the Philippines

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