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Cheap flights to United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingom is like a magnet for travelers around the world. London itself is so popular that it has one of the world's busiest airports as well as three others that rank in the country's Top 5. Those not headed directly to the capital usually opt for Manchester to the north or Edinburgh in Scotland, and all of this helps make flights to the United Kingdom popular at all times. Using Webjet you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest flights on any airline as well as the best days to fly for the absolute lowest price airfare possible. London actually has five airports of its own, but almost all of the long-haul international traffic goes into Heathrow Airport. It's not the closest to the city center but the fact that it's on the tube line makes it cheap and easy to use so it's a great choice for budget travelers. Manchester has its own huge airport and it has incoming flights from Europe, North America, and Asia so it's very handy for anyone who'd prefer to avoid the hassles and expense that come with transfering through London. Those who are headed for Scotland usually choose Edinburgh's airport, though nearby Glasgow also has a busy facility of its own.

Airfare to the United Kingdom

For those starting in North America, London is almost always the cheapest place to start your Europe trip, and those starting in other corners of the world usually get great bargains into the UK's capital as well. Every airline you could possibly think of flies into at least one of London's airports, and all this competition helps make finding cheap flights to the UK quite easy.

Airports In the United Kingdom

London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

If London is truly the capital of the world then Heathrow Airport is its front door. With a dizzying number of international airlines flying in daily, you can usually reach London from almost any major city in the world without changing planes. If you are coming from elsewhere in Europe you might also consider the city's other airports, which are often used by low-cost carriers. These include London-Gatwick (LGW), London-Stansted (STN), and London-Luton (LTN).

Airlines that fly into London Heathrow Airport

It might take less space to list the airlines that don't fly into Heathrow Airport, but just to give you some idea, if you are coming from North America you can fly in directly on Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. You can also find many flights on the UK's own British Airways, and from within Europe you can also fly here on Air France, Alitalia Airlines, Iberia Airlines, KLM Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, and many others. From Asia you can choose from Air China, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines among others. From Australia you can fly nonstop on Qantas Airways.

Manchester Airport (MAN)

The second largest city in the United Kingdom is also closer to the geographical center and near many other densely populated communities so Manchester Airport is the busiest UK air traffic facility outside of London. The airport is about 13 km outside of the city center, but it's on the main rail network so passengers can go directly to any other station in the country without additional hassle.

Airlines that fly into Manchester Airport

British Airways has frequent flights from London so many passengers to Manchester will be changing planes there, but you can reach this airport nonstop on EasyJet Airlines, Air France, KLM Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, or Thomas Cook Airlines from within Europe. From North America you can fly in directly on American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, or Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

The busiest airport in Scotland is a long way from London so most international travelers who want to explore the capital or the Highlands fly into Edinburgh Airport. It's located only about 9 km from the historic city center, and special express buses are fast and cheap, and taxis are affordable as well.

Airlines that fly into Edinburgh Airport

Both EasyJet Airlines and RyanAir use Edinburgh as a major hub so they account for much traffic into the airport. On British Airways you can transfer through London, and you can fly from elsewhere in Europe on Aer Lingus, KLM Airlines, or Lufthansa Airines among others. From North America you can fly nonstop into Edinburgh on Continental Airlines from Newark.

Leeds Bradford (LBA)

Located in West Yorkshire, within the Leeds Metropolitan District, Leeds Bradford acts as the major airport for the Yorkshire region, and the cities of York and Wakefield. With the growth of low cost airlines in the United Kingdom, Leeds Bradford has seen passenger numbers increase significantly since 2002, and is currently the 17th busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

Airlines that fly into Leeds Bradford

Jet2.com accounts for a large majority of fights in and out of Leeds Bradford, with their head office being located on the airport grounds since 2006. Other low cost carriers that operate flights to and from Leeds Bradford include Easyjet, Ryanair, Flybe and Thomas Cook Airlines. While the major international airlines that offer flights from Leeds are KLM, Pakistan International Airlines, BMI and Austrian Airlines.

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